Mercury Labs’ mission is to be an integral part of building the wider decentralized web by developing our own native ecosystem while working with projects ranging from startups to corporates to achieve wider adoption.



Mercury Protocol

Mercury Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure enabling tokenization, treasury management and enhanced liquidity of Real World Assets (RWA) and digital assets on multiple blockchains.
The protocol serves as an open standard and common building block for RWA holders to bring their assets onto blockchain, integrating the utilities of the tokenized assets seamlessly with their underlying assets.

Project Management & Advisory

Mercury Labs offers management and development of blockchain projects built on Mercury Protocol, incorporating tokenized assets into business strategies.
We also provide advisory services customized to meet each project's unique needs, ranging from digital asset structuring to go-to-market strategy.

Technology Venture

Mercury Labs takes a "technology venture" approach to all projects built on Mercury Protocol.
This partnership approach allows us to incubate and grow alongside the projects, especially with our startup clients; scaling Mercury Protocol while boosting our own valuation.
Tokenization Platform

Friendly interface for users to create and issue tokens for their real world assets (RWA) or digital assets.

Smart Contract Templates

Customized templates for tokenization of assets, integrating pricing feed, inventory management, and logistics tracking.

Legal and Compliance

Works with legal experts to ensure token compliance and offers on-chain event logs for customized reports.

Marketing and Promotion

Integrates with tools to leverage social media and other digital marketing channels.

Treasury Management

P-4337-based enterprise wallet with multi-signature and transaction rules for secure and flexible asset management.

Multi-Chain Support

Focuses on EVM-compatible solutions, offering tokenization across different blockchains for various use cases.

The Mercury Ecosystem